I was first introduced to skin brushing (dry brushing) at a spa while getting a massage I had gotten for a gift. I had problems with circulation in my left foot. Ever since my second pregnancy, it seemed when my feet would get hot, the blood had problems coming back up and left my foot feeling heavy and like it was going to explode.

I asked the lady at the spa about it and she mentioned dry skin brushing and how it could help with circulation. So she ended up selling me this skin brush, dry brush, body brush whatever you want to call it.


I started skin brushing and it somewhere along the line cleared up the problem for the most part! Since then, I have read up on the other benefits that skin brushing provides, so here they are:

Skin Brushing Benefits:

  • Exfoliate! Not only will your skin glow and feel softer, but your skin is your largest organ. It likes to be able to breathe, so skin brushing helps remove all those dead skin layers, helping you detox more.
  • Reduce Cellulite By softening fat deposits, dry brushing may help lessen those dimples..
  • Increase Circulation Whether you just have cold hands and feet or a weirdo explosive foot like I did, it’s worth a shot! It worked for me!
  • Stimulate Your Lymphatic System Help your body take out the trash! By stimulating your lymphatic system, you can help avoid lymphatic congestion which can cause inflammation and disease! A great detox!
  • It’s Just So Nice Bring this practice into your life just for how nice it makes you feel. Its like a massage, leaving you feeling more relaxed and tingly all over.

How to Use a Dry Skin Brush

You can get a dry skin brush for a a good price.

It should be made from firm, natural bristles. I have THIS ONE but lots of people recommend having one with a handle so you can reach your back etc.

Do it right before your morning shower. It will energize you for your day and you can wash off the dead skin cells in the shower.

Start from your feet and work your way up always brushing toward your heart. Work in one way strokes, not scrubbing. Avoid your face and your tender bits. Use a circular clockwise motion on your abdomen and armpits.

Easy as that!

Dry Skin Brushes make great, cheap, thoughtful gifts for the natural minded person.

Do you brush your skin? What benefits have you noticed?