Natural Drain Cleaner

Have months of showering grimy stuff off your kids left you with a clogged drain? Or maybe months of washing dishes has taken its toll.

We all need a little drain cleaner from time to time, and I am happy to announce there is a natural drain cleaner that is cheap and readily available.

*Before you read the recipe, please take a moment to think about where the chemicals you pour down your sink go.  Will they end up in the lake that your kids swim in?  In the stream you drank out of as a kid? It is SO IMPORTANT that we boycott harmful chemicals (like chemical drain cleaners) and find safe alternatives!*

Introducing: baking soda and vinegar! Your natural drain cleaner! These are the same ingredients you used to make volcanos with back in elementary school. The ingredients along with the explosive reaction of the acid and base combining, offer a safe, effective and fun alternative to unclog your drains.

This is how to use this natural drain cleaner:

  1. Pour one cup of baking soda into the clogged drain.
  2. Quickly pour 3/4 cup of cheap white vinegar in and plug the drain.
  3. Let the fizzing mixture sit for about 10 minutes to do its work and then wash everything away with really hot tap water. Voila! Your drain should be flowing freely.

This is why it works: The baking soda will deodorize your drain. The antibacterial properties of the vinegar can help kill some nasty bacteria. The secret though, is in the explosive combination of the two together. The fizzing and foaming and resulting pressure push through clogs and lift away lodged food etc. The hot water then rinses it clean.

If this didn’t work for you: You may need to do it one more time. If you suspect a serious hair clog or something of that nature, you can get a cheap drain snake that does NOT require chemicals and will pull that clog right out.

Remember, prevention is always best. You can use the same technique to freshen your drains and as a clog preventative.  Simply follow the above directions about once a month for free flowing, chemical free drains.

Are you mindful of what you put down the drain and what you clean with?

What do YOU use around your house?  Comment below and/or check out these easy, cheap and natural laundry soap recipes.