So as I described in an earlier post on how we were able to afford a homestead, We had been working hard on the new house trying to get it ready to live in by the time this baby arrived!  I was painting and scrubbing and chopping floor boards etc right up until the end and was definitely ready for baby to come.

The moon was huge and full those few days and I had expected him to arrive soon.  I went into labor around 11:30pm and it seemed to come on fast.  My down to earth husband was telling me that it was just pre-labor and I needed to try to sleep. I didn’t manage to get too much sleep before I had to get up out of bed.

The original plan was to go down to the best western hotel to give birth there (lol I know).. This was because if anything went wrong we were right across the road from the hospital instead of half hour out… and I despise the hospital and wanted a water birth if I could help it. Also this was the plan before our water situation got worked out. ( Our water was stinky and brown before we shocked our well)

My first boy was born in the hospital because of pregnancy complications and it was the WORST.  I couldn’t for the life of me get comfortable and I…urrr…. tore… (sorry tmi) I call that my “dry birth”

The second baby boy was born at home and was a great experience with no tearing and minimal discomfort thanks to my “shark tank”  (shark themed kiddy pool from Canadian tire!)  The water was so soothing and I just floated there… so nice.  There was no pressure on any of my bones and everything happened smoothly and quickly so this is what I wanted for baby boy #3!

So as I said, labor was coming on pretty fast and we were half an hour out of town and would have to drive down a bumpy mountain road and then bumpy highway construction to get there.  Between the tears I said “THIS PLAN SUCKS!” and convinced hubby to call the midwife who hadn’t been up to our “under construction” house on the mountaintop.

Meanwhile I sat in the bathtub and my wonderful momma (who came to help and was sleeping with the other kids) came and sat with me and also helped hubby pump and fill up the ol’ shark tank. They made me laugh out loud when I overheard her complaining that her thighs hurt from pumping too much (at least say that quietly around someone who is in bone crushing agony 😉 )

So I got into the 1/4 filled birthing pool (we ran out of hot water) and not long after that the midwives arrived.

“Sounds like your pushing!” They said

“Yup I am”

So they checked me and I was 8cms!!  Hallllllllelujah! That was good news.

I will speed up the gory gross transition part here…:

-The back labor was intense and almost equateable to my “dry birth” seeing as the pool was only about half full by that time.

-I had to stop pushing for a few agonizing contractions because my pre pushing made the cervix swell a bit

-The midwife tried to reach up and get the cervix around the head and that was…un desirable..

-I couldn’t hold it any longer and I just pushed him out! …partially….then he went back up!! why???  But apparently this was good because it meant I wouldn’t tear.

-The next couple contractions he was out!  Looking back on the video I looked drugged (which I wasn’t) and SO HAPPY!

His cord was abnormally short for some reason so I couldn’t pull him to my chest.  The midwife took him as I walked over to my bed where they did all sorts of tending to me and baby and cord cutting etc.  Then I feasted on some delicious toast with raw honey.

He was born at 6:14am, was 6lbs 15oz and is a perfect little human!  Welcome to the homestead sweet baby boy!

Do you have a homebirth story?  Share it in the comments 🙂