If you want to learn how to grow garlic, you are in the right place. It is super easy to grow! I picked up some nice purple, organic, non treated, local garlic from the health food store to plant the other day. My middle boy was super eager to help me plant them 🙂

We made some little planters out of cardboard boxes and plastic bags to start these babies indoors and filled them with some beautiful soil that was under a thick layer of horse manure and hay on the farm. The previous owner luckily had horses!

grow garlic

How to Plant Garlic

  • You want to plant garlic in the fall before the ground freezes BUT if you miss that window (like I did because we got the farm in February) you can plant in the spring as soon as the ground can be worked. You may just have smaller and less flavorful bulbs. (I started mine in containers early spring)
  • You can also plant garlic in containers providing they are deep and wide enough. (Check out how to maximize your space potential for your balcony garden here)
  • Don’t peel your cloves! Leave the papery shell on.
  • Plant the flat root side down and the pointy side up!
  • You need good drainage and lots of sun.
  • If you are over wintering your garlic, mulch well.
  • You can trim the scapes (green curly tops) and they make yummy dip! Or you can leave them be. Flower shoots that come up in the spring should be trimmed off as they can decrease the bulb size
  • Most varieties take about 90 days to maturity.
  • Water every 3-4 days during bulbing.


  • Pull the garlic out of the ground when the yellowing tops start to fall over.
  • Clean off the dirt and let them cure in a shady spot for a couple of weeks before storing in a cool DRY place.

My kids had fun pushing the cloves into the soil and building the planter boxes. It’s a fun learning experience growing a garden. Do you let your kids help out with your garden? Try your hand at square foot gardening if your cramped for space, and don’t forget why you need to use ground cover!