I love dehydrated food. Apple chips, kale chips, banana chips, strawberries, you name it! Dehydrating food is a great way to preserve your harvest for the whole year. There are some tips on keeping your dehydrated food “raw” so that it maintains the vitamins and enzymes that it starts out having.

Dehydrating Food Tips

  1. Get yourself a good dehydrator: I like a dehydrator with lots of trays. When you are in the drying mood, you want to get everything in there and have it be done with. Something with multiple heat settings is a good option and something with horizontal air flow helps with even drying and not transferring taste between foods. I personally have an older version of this food dehydrator and love it!! It also has a mesh liner on each of the trays so you can easily spread out purees for making fruit leathers and fruit roll ups!
  2. Retaining Nutrients in Dehydrated Food!!:

Raw food enthusiasts love their dehydrated food. Dehydrated food is nutrient filled living food if the temperature is kept below 118F while drying. This keeps most of the vitamins and minerals intact. Dried fruit, fruit leathers, veggie chips, seed crackers, soaked nuts are all great things to try with this. If you plan on keeping your foods “raw” by drying at a lower temperature, you may need to allow for 1/3 more drying time than the recipe may specify.

Vitamin content will start to deteriorate in your dehydrated food over time, (usually past 9 months) so label your jars and containers! I am in LOVE with these chalkboard sticker labels! They look great with wide mouth mason jars, and even come with a chalk pen!

  1. Some Final Tips:

– Pay attention to the recommended thickness for the foods in your dehydrator. Keeping a consistant size will allow for things to be done at the same time.

– Keep your dehydrated foods in airtight containers.

– Some foods will stick to the dehydrator. A very light coat of oil on the tray will help.

– Cool all your dehydrated foods before storing them.

If you are just starting out dehydrating food and have kids or a sweet tooth, dehydrated strawberries are just like candy!! What are your favorite dehydrators and dehydrated foods? Do you have any good raw food recipes? Comment below 🙂