Deer Fence

Deer fence is something to consider when you go to build your beautiful garden. If you don’t, you may be sorry when you come to find all your little buds nibbled off!

Fencing is EXPENSIVE!  Especially if you are doing a large area. This option literally cost me $11 to make! And it only took me about half an hour to install.

I love how it doesn’t make your yard look gross like the other options such as snow fence etc… It is practically invisible!…and that’s the point:

Welcome To My Soon To Be Orchard! Complete With Deer Fence!

This deer fence is made from fence posts and 40lb test fishing line. The idea behind this fencing is that the deer can’t see it! They bump into it and it startles them. And they wont attempt to jump something they can’t see the top of.  Make sure to get the strong fishing line so they don’t break it.

As you can see from the picture, all that’s needed here, is fishing line and posts.  You want to put posts up around the perimeter of your garden or orchard area. They don’t need to be super close together. I have four “fence posts”. One for each corner of my orchard. One of them is a real fence post that I found under a shed on my property. The other two are made from an existing fence and the final one is simply a tree that happened to be in an ideal spot!

How To Build Your Cheap Deer Fence!

  • Make sure you get 30 to 40lb test fishing line so it’s strong enough not to break, but no thicker because you don’t want it to be visible to the deer.
  • Start about a foot off the ground and go up your posts in one foot incriments. I did 3 strands.
  • Make sure to tie the fishing line off on each post. This way, if a deer breaks it, you only have to replace the one strand.

This was a fun easy project for me to do on our homestead! One thing to consider if it is around a high traffic area, is since fishing line is practically invisible, you might clothesline yourself or run into it and break it. Tying ribbons to the fishing line has worked for people, but it also alerts the deer to the top of the fence as well. Instead, maybe pound in a simple caution sign in front of your garden area.

I hope this post was helpful for you! Do you have a cool idea to keep deer and other pests out? Tell us in the comments below!