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Sourdough Hooch

So we have been in the process of moving and having a cute little baby and gardening and losing my mind!  So my sourdough starter got a little neglected in the fridge.  When I found it, I was all “what is this grey liquid on my sourdough starter?” And I wondered if it was going [&hellip

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How We Were Able to Afford a Homestead…A little background:

After our first two babies, we were living in a rental home in a small town centre struggling to make our rent on one income. Every month we were going more and more into debt just to live. We loved living in our rental house because it was a big step up from the apartment [&hellip

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My Home Birth Story

So as I described in an earlier post on how we were able to afford a homestead, We had been working hard on the new house trying to get it ready to live in by the time this baby arrived!  I was painting and scrubbing and chopping floor boards etc right up until the end [&hellip

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