An Easy Recipe, With Profound Health Benefits

Bone broth. Sounds glamorous right? Well don’t be so quick to judge this liquid gold!  It is a staple in my family’s diet because it has everything going for it. It is nutritious, easy to make, very versatile, and CHEAP! It uses ingredients most people throw away! Read on my friends. This healing food can be a real life changer for people, as it was for myself.

Bone Broth

The Benefits of Bone Broth

I am about to blab a little bit.. So if you would like to scroll down to the bone broth recipe, I wont be offended!

I first came across this “medicine” when I was very sick.  I had suffered from low stomach acid, reflux and a stomach ulcer. When the doctor tried to put me on medicine, I asked “So, I just want to heal my stomach up, will I be able to get off of this stuff? Or, do you become dependent it.” (It was a very strong anti-acid drug) She replied, “Yes you can come off of it. No worries”. I didn’t believe her.

So off I go WITHOUT my pharmaceutical delights.  But soon realized I needed these drugs to heal the hole in my stomach. (Ultimatley I knew I needed to increase my stomach acid, but that was not possible until I healed the ulcer.)

So I decided to take the anti-acid drugs to heal the ulcer, and then get off the drugs and up my acid to improve my overall digestion.

So I went back to another doctor (as I was travelling around following the work to save up for the farm) and got the goods.

When I was ready to come off of the medicine, I returned to my original doctor who I asked “So how do I get off the stuff?”

“Well, you don’t. Most people stay on this for their whole lives,” she responded bluntly.

Outraged, but not surprised in the least, I chose to ignore this. I took the drugs with my “own healing plan” in mind and it DID heal the hole. So I quit cold turkey and continued on my natural healing plan. (I am not making any health claims or suggesting you do the same thing.. just telling my story.)

I was very sick still.  I could barely eat anything.  One of the gentle nourishing foods that helped me back to health was…..drum roll………….BONE BROTH!!! I am telling this story so that you know how healing this stuff is. Yes my ulcer was healed, but my guts were in mass disarray. But thanks to bone broth, cultured foods like sauerkraut, raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar, raw cheese, and many more healing foods and supplements I discuss on this site, I am now basically symptom free for the most part!  So anyways… on to the good stuff.

So Here is What Bone Broth is Good For:

  • A lot of people have a leaky gut.  If you have any digestive issues at all, you may have a leaky gut.  Bone broth helps to heal and seal the gut lining.
  • Broth has a soothing effect on inflammation in the gut.
  • Encourages tooth mineralization.
  • Contains lots of gelatin which supports skin, hair and nail growth, and is good for joints and digestion.
  • Is a good source of easily assimilated minerals.

And much more……. It is a super nourishing and comforting food. So now you are convinced.. on to the recipe!

Bone Broth Directions

  • To make a good bone broth, you need more than the bones. You need joints, bones and a little meat on the bone. Chicken stock is especially gentle on the stomach and is a great use for the carcass of your roasted chickens!  Beef bones work great as well, containing lots of marrow inside. Make sure your bones are from healthy grass-fed or pastured animals. Whole chicken thighs with the skin on make AMAZING stock.
  • Once you have your desired animal parts, add the bones, joints, and attached meat into a big pot.  There is no specific amount, but the more the merrier in my experience. One full (most of the meat taken off) roasted chicken carcass in a large pot usually works great.
  • Fill your pot up with water so the bones are covered.
  • Add some high quality sea salt such as Himalayan or Celtic sea salts to your taste. (You can add it when you are done cooking so you can taste it if you want)
  • Add 2 tbsps. of raw organic apple cider vinegar to help make those minerals available.
  • Cover and bring to a boil and then let simmer for 3.5hrs or overnight in a crock pot.
  • Strain out the bones and pick off any meat you are able to throw back in if you wish.

You can leave the broth plain with some salt, or if you are looking for more of a soup, go ahead and get crazy!  Add some more vegetables and cook for a while longer.

Super easy to make! Super healthy!  You can add any desired spices or veggies to spruce it up a bit.  I love cracking an egg into the broth for a bit of bulk and extra nutrients.

Get creative! Add some veggies or spices in the last half hour or so of cooking.

I truly hope you enjoy this nourishing and healing food.  If you are sick, I hope this food helps you get better.  I’m sending out big love and creativity to everyone!!

Pipe up in the comments below and let us know how bone broth has been beneficial to your life and how you spruce yours up! I love to hear your stories, and it just may help someone else 🙂