Balcony gardening and urban homesteading go hand in hand. A good number of people living in the city either live in an apartment or condo. If this is you, you probably are limited to using your balcony for the bulk of your organic gardening. You can have quite the yield if you use these simple solutions.

balcony gardening

Breaking it Down:

If you are looking for a high yield of organic herbs and vegetables, it is important to utilize every part of your balcony garden. It was pretty easy coming up with this plan because I lived in a fifth wheel for 4 years, so space saving is my middle name now 😉

Overhang: Balcony gardening starts at the top with the overhang. Of course you can use the beautiful hanging planters for some vegetables and herbs, but did you know you can actually grow plants upside down? Make your own upside down planters using a regular hanging planter or the big ice cream buckets. You just cut a hole in the bottom and push the starter plants through. Fill the rest of the bucket with soil, and using the bucket handle, you then hang it from the overhang section (pictured above). You can also buy the actual “topsy turvy” premade ones on amazon.

Plants That Grow Well Upside Down:

  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Strawberries
  • Herbs
  • Blueberries
  • Cucumbers
  • Eggplants
  • Beans
  • Small Peppers.

Lettuce, peas and carrots don’t tend to grow very well upside down.


These flat-backed planting baskets are so cute and are perfect for herbs.

If you are renting or can’t hang stuff on the walls, you can still make a vertical garden. Check out how to make a vertical pallet garden that leans up against the walls (You can still mount it for a more modern look) using a free wooden pallet!

Railing Edge:

There are quite a few options when it comes to putting pots on the edge of your railings. Stores like Home Depot etc. will probably be your best bet for those because you can get larger pots and implement square foot gardening techniques. A 2×1 foot garden box could yield 32 carrots using the square foot gardening method! But, I did find little pots which are so neat and would make perfect herb planters for your balcony railings.


Balcony gardening ends with the floor. This is where you are definitely going to want to use square foot gardening to maximize your yield. Simple garden boxes can be purchased or made using up-cycled materials. Check out how to square foot garden here.

Remember to make sure your seeds are ORGANIC, NON GMO and HEIRLOOM. And you can help save the planet one seed at a time.

Do you have a garden on your balcony? What are you growing? Comment below!