Finally! I have a backyard compost ūüôā Backyard composting was not an option for me as I was living on the road in a fifth wheel to save up for our property. But now, we finally have a piece of earth to call our own. And I will use a chunk of it for a compost pit!

I am all about easy solutions and my compost pit couldn’t be easier to build and use for our current situation.

Pictured above is my new compost! All it is, is a 2 foot deep pit dug in the corner of my organic garden area. This area will be fenced so I am less concerned with the four legged creatures getting into it, and I don’t mind the look of it.

I am now able to put food scraps into the hole and reduce my garbage by around 60%! We also recycle plastics, bottles, glass etc., so we end up with very little garbage.

backyard composting

How to Use a Backyard Compost Pit

I have a container with a lid that I keep in my kitchen beside the garbage and recycling.  We just toss all our kitchen scraps into the bucket and empty it into the compost pit when the bucket is full.

Since my garden area came with a lifetime supply of sawdust, we just toss a little layer of sawdust overtop of the scraps to keep flies, smells and other things away. Alternativly, you could use soil, dirt, dry leaves etc.

Make sure not to put meat, bones or greasy stuff in your compost because this can attract animals.

In 6 months to a year you should have a nice bottom layer of rich soil to use on your garden. If you are using ground cover,  simply sprinkle a layer of compost overtop of your ground cover.  Every time it rains, a beautiful, nutrient rich compost tea will be deposited into your soil!

It can also just be mixed into your regular soil.

More Easy Composting Solutions

You can use a garbage can with a tight-fitting lid. If you place it in a shallow hole, animals will have a harder time knocking it over. Drill a few holes in the bottom of the can for drainage and use the same system of covering the food scraps with a bit of soil or dry leaves, grass clippings etc, to control flies and smells.

There are some really fancy options if you want a more esthetically pleasing look for your backyard compost.

So there you have it!  Composting is super easy and there are many benefits!  What method are you using?