I am Hilary, the gears behind homesteadingwithozarkguy.com.

After dealing with doctors who were only trained with information provided by the pharmaceutical industry and not interested in any natural medicine, eating dead, sickening food sold to me by corporations that are only interested in the bottom line and thus trying to keep me addicted, and just feeling like there was no way to help myself in this modern world, the website was born.

This website was made to empower people.  The goal is to provide good information on organic gardening, growing and making your own food and medicine, raising backyard chickens, making your own cleaning products, beauty products and everything else that seems to be chemical laden and unsafe these days.

Most people are living in cities and rely on dirty energy, store bought food and medicine, which doesn’t have to be the case!  I want everyone to know that they have the power to be self sufficient and self sustainable in this crazy world.

Downtown Homesteading is dedicated to digging up old and new ways to fit all the above into an urban lifestyle.  As I continue to learn how to keep my body safe and healthy, I will fill you in.  You don’t have to sell your house and say goodbye to your hard earned career for a life on a farm.  There are so many ways to fit the farm stuff into your urban homestead!  That being said, I now have a farm to call my own and will be sharing information for rural homesteaders as well.

So say goodbye to pesticides, dirty energy, animal cruelty, chemical cleaners and beauty products, and join me on this life changing journey.

Together we can heal ourselves and the planet.

Yours in happiness and health,