Defining homesteading

Homesteading is really not a new vocabulary! It’s something that you might have been doing or maybe you are set to start! It’s all about the homestead and the way we plan it. By definition, homesteading is actually an act of residing in a place and making everything out of the place you reside! It entails minimizing the consumerism aspects and has more produced at your homestead. Homesteading will actually try to embrace the old ways by actually making everything from scratch!

In real life, homesteading entails being self-sufficient at your own place of residence! It’s doing everything that will sustain you at a place of your residence. Notably, places of residence do vary and therefore it’s important to learn the specifications of each kind of a homestead and the homesteading requirements that each one of them will really be comfortable with! There are also essential tools that will be very useful when you are doing homesteading!

First, you will need a machete for cutting trees and a clearing brush in case you will be staying in a small scale homestead! Other tools will still be really very mandatory when you really want to be self-sustained in your place of residence!

Homesteading will means that you will want to create a self-sufficient and sustainable environment. Space is really the determinant of the degree of homesteading that you want to venture into. It’s important to note that homesteading takes different forms and the aim and focus are only aimed at self-sustainability and comfort that is really achieved through creative planning and management of the already established systems!

Types of homesteading

Homesteading is divided into different types. The article here will major on three types of homesteading. They include;

  • An apartment homestead
  • A traditional homestead
  • An urban homestead

Let’s consider each and every type of homesteading defining it and highlighting the specifications that will ensure the success of each homesteading!

An apartment homestead

Doing apartment homesteading might sometimes be very challenging since you really don’t have the total rights over the space you are using! You will really need to seek permission from the landlord and rich a consensus that will actually give you the liberty to practice you’re homesteading!

Though many may find it a hard task to homestead in an apartment, it’s really very achievable! Homesteading can actually be done anywhere regardless of where you stay whether in a condo or an apartment. When you are actually determined to be a homesteader, it really doesn’t mean that you will need to own land! No, it’s a lifestyle that can be embraced anywhere.

Despite the small space that residents of the apartments or condo are entitled to, lots of projects can still be done within this very small space! Among the few activities that an apartment homesteader can really do includes, rearing two to four chickens for fresh eggs, rearing rabbits, planting container vegetables and many other projects! An apartment homesteader can also do his/ her cooking at home.

The reason why a large number of people decides to be apartment homesteaders is that it might really be hard waiting for the opportunity to acquire land. Some also are comfortable staying in the city and they are naturally homesteaders while others while be working under very stringent budgets hence making them opt for an easier way of life! There is always an advantage of being an apartment homesteader! If you will really successfully manage a very small space for all that activities for homesteading, it simply means that you will develop into a resourceful person that can actually comfortably live in any given piece of land and environment!

An urban homestead

Urban homesteading may really possess striking similarities to that of the apartment homesteading only that for the urban homesteading, the individuals enjoy an advantage of space unlike those dealing with apartment homesteading! The other advantage of urban homesteading is also the freedom of ownership that will really grant you the liberty to work on all kinds of homesteading practices that your space will really allow!

It’s really best suited for a middle class or rather those people who can actually afford a comparatively better piece of land such as a quarter of an acre in urban areas. Here urban homesteading grant you a chance to expand your activities to some desirable levels. You will also get a chance to factor in other activities that could have otherwise be impossible in the apartment homesteading!

Urban homesteading will really grant you a chance to do the cattle rearing and also fish farming! You may also include the pygmy goats but the prime purpose of this is to ensure that you get sufficient food supply that will actually cut down all the expenses outside your homestead to zero! Other plans that can be successfully achieved in an urban homestead includes the greenhouse plans for agricultural practices. It really adds more value to your urban piece of land and you will have really maximized the benefits out of this small piece of land!

Traditional homesteading

Traditional homesteading is actually divided into two; large scale and small scale homesteading. It’s important to note that the larger the scale of homesteading, the more it will require from you for management purposes. With traditional homesteading, space here is really not limited and you can actually work on all kinds of homesteading activities including even customizing all your assets. You can also work on your power plans that will be managed by your own conscience!

•  Small scale homesteading

Here you will require an area of at least an acre or two where you can successfully venture into a number of activities such as fruit farming, fish farming, crop farming and also the animal husbandry. Growing other plants such as the vines, orchards and also erecting some greenhouses will also be very achievable here! notably homesteading in a traditional way will want you to be very organized since you will need to take care of the weather conditions and therefore you should address issues such as the provision of water and fodder to your animals even during the unfavorable conditions! Ensure that the balance is maintained all through so that all the seasons are really gathered for.

•  Large scale homesteading

For large scale homesteading, it really means that you are self-sufficient and you can actually manage everything. Here you will hear all the animals, take care of the fish farming, poultry farming and also the farming of the crop! Space is really sufficient and you can actually provide everything for your livestock and supply all the essential requirements that will really add to the success such as water and also the farm supplements! This kind of homesteading is really not so common though some individuals have really majored on this!

Activities involved with homesteading

To be a homesteader, there are really very many varieties of activities that you can settle in. what will determine your choices is the space that you have. Ranging from apartment to large scale homesteading, some activities are really applicable to all while others will suit a certain kind of homesteading! This activity includes;

1.  Growing a container garden

This homesteading activity is really best suited to those who stay in an apartment. It’s really possible to grow plants in an apartment. It really does not entail the tilling of the ground but you will only have an option to plant a number of fruits and vegetables in a container. These containers are placed at some specified lace in your balcony as you allow them to mature. It’s really a very simple and small scale venture that needs a very small space. The activity may not actually be relevant to traditional homesteaders though it can still be done just for leisure and prestige!

2.  Preserve your food

In homesteading, it’s also very possible to store your own food at home! As soon as you harvest it whether from a container garden or even on a large scale farm, you can always store them through freezing or even canning. For those who may be buying from the nearest grocery, it’s also possible to store the stock that you have purchased for a specified period of time.

The practice of storing your own food is actually what every homesteader should do! It’s applicable to all forms of homesteading and therefore homesteaders need to have the right equipment for storing their food whether in large scale or even small scale.

3.  Raise some small scale livestock

Some apartments will actually allow you to do some small scale farming! Did you know that it’s really very possible to do poultry farming? This applies to all areas beginning from the apartment homesteading to even large scale homesteading! For apartment homesteading, you will really need best egg incubator that will help you raise the small scale poultry farming. You may also be required to acquire the best egg Candler for testing the development of the eggs!

You may opt to sell the chicks at a young age to a large scale farmer. You will have actually invented a way of raising income and also acquiring fresh eggs in your apartment. Rabbits and also small animals such as the goats can be raised in the urban and also small apartments. Though it may really not be achievable in an apartment, it depends on s with the kind of plans that you really have!

4. Grow a herbal garden

Homesteading whether large or small scale may really want you to have your own herb garden! It’s the only way to institute a self-sufficient environment it’s possible to do this in all situations whether in an apartment or even in your large scale homestead.

Remember the aim of homesteading is for self-sustainability! For those staying in an apartment, your herbal garden may be a container that you hang in our window that contains a variety of plants that you consider as your herbs!

5.  Be a member of the community garden

Sometimes, homesteading in an apartment might really be so challenging and therefore it might be a challenge to have a successful homesteading! Joining and financing a community garden might really be an option since you will be entitled with rights to share the harvest! It’s an option for those who really like homesteading and they have issues with space!

There is always an advantage when you are a member of the community garden since you will have a joint system that will be managing your products and the shares will be equally distributed among the members.

6.  Cook from scratch

If you still have issues with purchasing the convenience foods, then it’s because you are really not ready to face what it takes to have a successful homesteading venture. Stop this and start cooking your fresh foods from your garden. It really needs very little space and it’s also an economic way! It applies to all forms of homesteading! You may also consider making as many pantry staples as possible so as to avoid any expense that you really incur for the convenience food.

Homesteading is really about sustainability in your place of residence. Ensure that you have enough kind of foods that will actually not make you want to get some outside your home! Cook at any time of your convenience and cut down the bills that you incur as you try to get the convenience food that you could have easily obtained them from your home.

7.  Always embrace environment-friendly practices

Successful homesteader’s tries to avoid any expense and they, therefore, embrace anything that will actually cut down the expenses. The homesteaders will happily use solar energy or even generate their own electricity using wind!

All these are aimed at managing and making good use of the naturally occurring resources in the earth. They will try to avoid all forms of practices that will pollute the environment. It’s what modern homesteaders are now doing. This practice is really very effective for traditional homesteading. It may really not be very easy for the apartment homesteading since you will be staying in a place that’s managed by someone else.

Important considerations for your homesteading journey!

•  Homesteading can take a variety of forms!

We are all homesteaders when our goals are set at self-sustainability! Though people might really be a pessimist about the possibility of success, it’s really what we all do. Homesteading has no limits and its really applicable anywhere that’s why it’s divided into three categories meaning that everyone can successfully be one! You are a perfect homesteader id you can actually sustain your needs through proper management and control practices.

It’s a lifestyle that exists on a spectrum and its either you are following it or you are not! The society we are living in is now encouraging this sustainable way of life since it makes everyone to be a real manger and therefore ensuring that we all reach the desired standards of living! It’s really an amazing lifestyle that will accord you with freedom, self-reliance and total satisfaction.

•  Homesteading focuses on food

Homesteading is actually meant to ensure that you become independent. It focuses on the sustainable supply of food that will in turn power all other forms of ideas! Homesteading will actually program your mind to rely on homemade products and you will actually strive to ensure that the supply is actually sustainable. Notably relying on modern stores and also the supermarkets have been proven to negatively impact the health of the individual and has been really shown to give rise to other health issues!

Homesteaders are now focusing more on growing plants and taking them as food than actually slaughtering animals. It’s really a lifestyle that is actually conceived in the mind of the individual. It’s you control that can really give the success that you intend. What control this mind is the food sufficiency and therefore every kind of homesteading should really aim at providing sustainable food supply which is really the powerhouse for all successful ventures!

•  Homesteading focuses on art

Homesteading is really an art that has been stripped by the failure of the mind to really think! Everyone will really wake up in the morning with the plans to acquire the daily requirements especially food from the nearest grocery! But did you know that this idea will cease to exist in instances where there is a shortage in a grocery! It’s at this point when there is a shortage when the primitive inner self tells you to do your own planting!

Agriculture is an art that was really in existence even during the primitive days of evolution! It’s an art that everyone can professionally do! Homesteading is, therefore, an art that we all have in our inner self and the fruits that we get out of it when we successfully practice it is just so fulfilling! Homesteading is the creativity that is developed when the abundance is stripped, but it’s really much more realistic when we put it in practice even with our own sufficiency!

The amazing reality about homesteading is the fact that it really overlooks the technology and actually focuses on creativity! It’s this creativity that will really ensure sufficiency in all aspects. It’s really a good thing when you are actually taking very delicious foods out of your garden. It’s even better when you are taking the kind of food that you monitor every step of their growth!

It really enhances confidence in the diet that you take and you are freed from the situations that are associated with the commercial food! It’s an art that will actually want you to develop your creativity based on the needs that you will really want to make use of in your homestead! Homesteaders are really very creative and they have really managed to develop artistic equipment such as the brushes and also the paints!

Homesteaders actually take this homesteading as an art that will be the roots for their satisfaction. It’s focusing on creativity as a source of health and they really won’t have to rely on any form of external sources such as an organization or even any product. It’s really a rare art that will, in turn, built the self-love and creativity in all aspects of life!

•  Homesteading emphasizes on natural resources

Homesteading is really an environmental-friendly venture that will actually aim at protecting the environment! Homesteaders will really not depend so much on the non-renewable sources of energy such as coal or even oil. They will actually embrace his use of the naturally occurring resources such as the solar system and also the wind to generate electricity. Homesteaders will actually use their creativity to develop a self-sufficient ecosystem that will be friendly to be inhabited by all forms of lives.

Homesteading will really emphasize more on the importance of natural resources than the artificial resources that’s why they are so much into producing there on the supply of food. This will ensure that they are in control of every form of the food they take and in turn they won’t be exposed to the risky situations!


Homesteading is really an amazing form of lifestyle that will actually accord you with the total piece of mind! It’s really an economical way of life that will really enhance your self-sufficiency and freedom. As a homesteader, you really won’t have to rely on others to gather for your needs. It’s about satisfying yourself in a way that you really want it.

The homesteading ideas are always progressive and that’s why, it might be a challenge embracing it at a go, but you can progressively work on it from the apartment to even large scale homesteading! It’s the culture that homesteading will built on you that will actually trigger the need to progress and even venture more into it! Homesteaders are really very creative and they have actually done a lot to ensure that they get the full satisfaction in their own niche that’s why some have even invented their own ways of entertainment and even their ways of cooking their food! Homesteading is really a culture that will change the way you perceive life!

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